Juniors SMASH Ladder – Information

Junior Ladder, presented and conducted by Gonzo and staff!

What is it?  It’s a fun and friendly way for Junior players of all levels to compete against each other.  Each ladder (boys and girls) is arranged according to ability, age, and previous commitment to the ladder. After placement within the ladder, players will be able to “challenge” a player above him/her to a match for the chance to move up.

The goal:  To participate in the spirit of fun and friendly competition.





What is the game format?

For 10’s it will be a 9 set match, win by 2; for 12’s and above it will be win 2 out 3 sets, with 3rd set tie break, first to 7, win by 2.

Who can a participant challenge?

Kids can challenge and play within the same age category or higher; if playing up they will follow the higher level rules

What determines score/position?

We will not use games or points, we will score by wins.


Do you have additional questions?  Send us an email to info@gonzotennis.com   We’ll post the answers here.


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