CARA TENNIS – Information

The CARA  program is a great way to play a lot of matches during the summer.  It is a good introduction to competitive tennis.

Here are some Questions and Answers about the program:


Centennial Middle School (2205 Norwood Avenue, Boulder, CO 80304)

Practices: Thursdays from 1 to 3pm
Matches: Locations vary depending on hosting team.  Check the schedule for details HERE

– What are the categories and levels?
There are 4 categories: 10 & under, 12 & under, 14 & under, 15 and up.
Each category has four levels: Beginner, Intermediate/Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced, and Advanced.

-Who will the kids be playing?
All the kids are part of the Boulder Team and they will be playing matches with kids from other programs (like Louisville, Broomfield, Longmont, etc.); they will play with kids that are of the same age and ability.

-Who organizes the matches?
The matches are organized by the coaches from both teams so as to allow for scheduling flexibility.
(If you have a conflict, contact Gonzo and see if changes can be arranged.  It is not always possible, but we will try)

-When are the matches?
Matches are played on Fridays between 8am and 4pm (depending on size of facilities and number of kids playing).

-How do we know the match schedule?
You will receive an email with the schedule for each match with time and location.

-Are scores kept?
Yes, we keep score, but CARA scores are not reported to any organizing board.  However, results are recorded at the state tournament (see below for further explanation).

-Is there a final tournament?
Yes.   All CARA participants have the right to participate in the state tournament during the last week of July.  Scores at the state tournament are recorded as the tournament is a single elimination competition wherein state champions are decided. Please let Gonzo know if you wish to participate in the state tournament (It’s a lot of fun).  We have had several state champions from Boulder in past years!

-When is the State Tournament?
2018 Championship TBD.

To enroll in CARA:

If you have further questions please e-mail us at
We will respond promptly

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