Tennis Party This Week! Be There!

Every year the Gonzo Tennis Academy hosts a free party for students, instructors, and members of the Boulder area community. Our Academy has a simple goal: Make quality tennis instruction and programs available to anybody who loves tennis. Thus, this party is equal parts celebration of our hard working students who have built the Gonzo Tennis Academy into the winning program that it is and outreach to people in Boulder who are interested in Tennis and want to know more about us. There will be tennis related activities, games and prize for all ages, and raffles.

What we want from you:

To show up and have fun! Do you move like an inebriated zombie? Does your forehand look like Herman Munster swinging a two by four? No Biggie! We’re all friends and we’re only here to have fun – so come join us for a bit of tennis fun!

When: October 15th, 2011 (This Saturday!).

Time: Starting at 1:00 pm

Where? Centennial Middle School: 2205 Norwood Ave, Boulder, CO