Waiting for a Court? Play Dink!

Dink is a game you can play while waiting for a court to become available.  It is a replacement for boringly,  uselessly staring, longingly from the wrong side of the fence, wishing that you were the lucky bastard actually playing tennis instead of waiting for tennis.  Waiting stinks.  You should play dink instead.  There are a variety of ways in which this game can work, and it’s up to you to get creative with it.  Waiting at the courts is the same as waiting in line at the store or DMV; it’s aggravating, and as a tennis player you do a lot of it.  I propose filling the time with no-net-no-court-tennis — Dink!  Besides, it’s fun and there’s no pressure.  “Tell us more!” they plead.  Okay, I will.

How to Play Dink:

It’s pretty much exactly how it sounds.  Step one: Find a sidewalk.  Step Two: each player gets one concrete slab to function as his/her/your court.  The dividing crack between the slabs is the “net”, and the object is to keep “dinking” the ball back and forth until one of you misses or hits it out (Out is defined as anything not inside your concrete square).  If you lose a point you move back a slab (now there is one full concrete slab separating the two courts).  If your opponent loses the next point then you get to move back to the slab on which you started and your opponent has to move back a slab.  Each consecutive miss results in more distance between players.  He who gets three misses in a row loses (because he is pushed out – like a sumo wrestler out of the circle).  Picture 6 slabs and players facing each other on the center two slabs to start.  The object is to win enough points to be sole possessor of all 6 slabs.

You may play the game however you want.  There are really no rules except the ones that you make up.  For instance, you can play first to 3 points without moving squares at all.  You can play with multiple players (doubles maybe?) on adjacent squares.  You can even play so that the ball never hits the ground, volleys instead of dink.  The purpose is to do something with your down time that is fun and that makes you into a better player.  Most people think tennis is defined as rallying baseline to baseline.  When they get onto a court they automatically position themselves 78 feet apart and stay there. I say that creativity is the key to self improvement.  Get creative. Play Dink.