Tennis in the Gym: A Golden Opportunity

Tennis in Boulder Colorado is a year round activity. That fact notwithstanding a lot of people will say, rightfully, “What about the snow and cold?” That’s true, it does snow around here, and that presents some down days for tennis on the rare occasion that the snow accumulates and doesn’t melt in a day or two. But, as far as the cold goes, it’s not usually too bad. Did you know, during our coldest months (December and January), the average daily high is 42 degrees F? That’s plenty warm enough for sweatpants and hat tennis. A great fact about Boulder Tennis is that we get far less precipitation and far more sunshine than most places in the U.S. (Boulder get’s more sunny days than Los Angeles or Miami). Boulder has more playable days without the use of indoor surfaces, despite the snow and cold, than most cities that are more popularly described as being tennis friendly.

I’m not pretending that it wouldn’t be nice to have a bubble to play in during the winter. However, I am saying that anybody who is remotely serious about getting better at tennis definitely does not need an indoor court in Boulder – especially since there are plenty of playable outdoor days and additional ways to become a great player with the use of a simple gymnasium, basement, garage (car removed) etc… . Our special winter program, Tennis in the Gym, was born as a way to take advantage of these wintery days so that learning becomes a daily activity no matter the outside conditions. When a player says to himself “Yes, I want to play tennis.” there is no reason he can’t, no matter the rain, wind, snow or cold. Whether you are an adult or you’re interested in getting your kids involved in a tennis class, Tennis in the Gym is just as productive as Tennis on a full sized court.  Here’s why:

Volley Clinics: We have whole classes dedicated to making you into a stellar net player.  Think of the dimension of the service court.  The addition of a portable net makes for all the space we need, and more.

Footwork: Who needs a court to become lightning fast? The fastest and most agile player is usually the player who wins, and the right coach is what makes the difference, not the surface and amenities.

Conditioning: How many times have you told yourself you’re going to do conditioning just to, instead, end up standing at the baseline mindlessly rallying back and forth for 2 hours like you always do when you lack a clear plan for your lesson? When there is bad weather, we use it as a chance to develop you into a more complete player by giving you awesome drills that you might not consider otherwise.

Kids Classes: Tennis in the Gym, for a kid, is the same as tennis on a big court. Tennis development between ages 4-10 relies much more on coordination than point construction and geometric awareness.  Truth be told, Tennis in the Gym gives us more opportunity to focus on what matters with kids, footwork, footwork, footwork.

Juniors Classes: If juniors lack anything it’s usually control. You do not have to swing at every ball like you’re trying to smash a zombie in the brain. But tell that to a teenage boy and the next shot you’ll see will be 98mph instead of 99. Tennis involves elements of grace and finesse that many juniors (but definitely not all) need desperately to develop. Tennis in the Gym, again, gives us a golden opportunity to work more closely on these skills. Getting a teenager off the court and into a different environment reminds him/her (but usually him) that tennis, like soccer, is an interplay between the tool (foot or racquet) and the player which requires every kind of shot, even the drop volleys.

Tennis in the Gym is a quality indoor tennis program designed for the occasions that playing outside is not possible. It is a program, designed specially by Gonzo himself; that makes cold or snowy days into highly productive learning days. We may not have an indoor court, but we have an abundance of tennis knowledge, and we know how to make you into the player you want to be. Tennis in the Gym is everything a tennis class ought to be.  Take a class, you’ll see what we mean, and you won’t be disappointed.

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