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Tennis Speed Drill: Collect the Balls!

This drill measures your explosive speed and improves your ability to stop efficiently, not overrunning your target. In other words get from Point A to Point B without wasting effort.

The Rules:

1.Place 1 ball at every intersecting point in the back court (6 balls total)

2.Lay your racquet in the middle of the back court as close to center as possible.

3.Start with your foot touching your racquet. When your timer yells “go!” sprint to each ball. Collect and return the balls to your racquet face one at a time. If a ball falls off the racquet, you must return it to the racquet before going for another.

4.For maximum accuracy have someone else time you.

What makes this game especially interesting is that, in order to be fast, you have to plan where you’re going before you go. It works speed and familiarizes you with the geometry of the back court while training your feet to move, stop on a dime, switch directions, and cover territory.


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  1. December 23, 2011 at 5:01 am #

    not bad at all, another interesting and unique video tip, cheers.

    Posted by Ben Reed

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