Junior Team Tennis

June 1st – July 31st

The deadline to sign up the USTA teams is a month earlier than last year, so we have to sign up the teams by APRIL 25. If your kid is interested in participating in this program please let me know as soon as possible telling me also his/her date of birth or USTA number. Remember that in order to have a team (for example Boys 12 & Under Interm/Beginner) we need four or more players of the same gender, age and ability, so once we complete the team you will receive an email from me with a confirmation.  

USTA Practices: We will design a practice schedule for every team.

Matches: Mondays:  June 10/17/24, July 1/8/15/22

10 & Under: 8 am (co-ed teams)

12 & Under: 9:30 am

14 & Under: 11 am

18 & Under: 12:30 pm

Colorado State Championship (team must qualify): August 2-3 in Denver

What are the categories and levels?
The categories are: 10 & under, 12 & under, 14 & under, and 18 and under.
Each category has four levels: Novice, Intermediate/Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced, and Advanced.

What are the requirements to participate in this program?
We need to have 4 or more players of the same age, gender and ability to form a team. And we need to have at least 3 players available from the team every week to compete.  Read below for individual requirements.

How do I know if I qualify to participate?
Contact Gonzo directly at if you are interested.  He will arrange an evaluation to determine your level.

What is the playing format?
Each competition consists of 1 singles and 1 doubles match.  There is Round Robin qualifying brackets for the state championship.  10’s and under play with the QuickStart format.  12’s play with the green-dot ball.  12’s Advanced and up play with regular balls.

Are scores kept?
Yes, scores count toward qualification for the state championship. However, scores for state championship qualification are computed by games won by the team.

Do I need a USTA number to participate?
No, when we enroll the team, we are assigned temporary numbers.  However, if you have a USTA number, please provide it when enrolling.

If you have further questions please e-mail us at

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