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Adults Doubles Ladder


We provide a friendly competitive environment where all are welcome to play tennis.
The ladder is open to players at intermediate and advanced levels ONLY.
A player can work his/her way up the ladder by winning weekly matches against progressively more challenging competition.

DAY & TIME: Sundays from 2 to 4 pm
DURATION: 8 Weeks.   From 8/24/14 – 10/12/14
LOCATION: Centennial Middle School at 2205 Norwood Ave.  Boulder, CO  80304
COST:$130 (R) $163 (NR)

New can of balls will be provided each week.

Prize for the 4 players that finish with highest # of ranking points on the Ladder.

16 people max (4 courts).  The players on the waiting list will be available as subs.

If registration is full, please sign yourself up on the waiting list, as we will consider opening additional spots.

We’ll play 3 sets. ‘No ad’ scoring system
Each player plays one set with every other player on the same court.
The players who win a set get 7 points each.
The players who lose a set get as many points as games won.
The player with highest points will ‘move up’ one court on the following Sunday and get a ranking point.
The player with lowest points ‘moves down’ one court on the following Sunday and loses a ranking point.
The other two players stay on the same court and receive no ranking points.

Every player is responsible for contacting a sub by Wednesday, (if not available to play on following Sunday). The sub can only ‘retain’ or ‘lose’ the court, but cannot ‘move up’.

To Register for the Class:

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