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Tennis Party 2011

The 8th annual Gonzo Tennis Academy Tennis Party was a smashing success! We thank you all for coming out, and we hope you won lots of prizes and enjoyed the camaraderie of old and new friends. We feel like our academy is building roots, and we consider each of you a member of our extended family. Again, thank you. Also, we need to thank our sponsors, without whom this party would not have happened. Our local Boulder businesses keep our community strong. Please consider them while you’re out and about:



Perhaps you can find yourself In some of the pictures from our party albums. If we didn’t get you in a picture, don’t worry; there will be many more opportunities in the future! Keep checking the event albums for updates.

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  1. December 23, 2011 at 5:00 am #

    Would have been good to go to a tennis party, pleased it was good :)

    Posted by Ben Reed

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East Boulder Rec. doesn’t have a playroom, right?  Oh, I know they have Gonzo for their playroom!Freja Greenberg (age 5)
Awesome tennis party – huge turnout – lots of fun!!!Susan Prater
I just want to thank Gonzo for his work with my daughter in her tennis class. He keeps things fun and light while teaching them racquet skills and hand/eye coordination at the same time.  Sydney adores Gonzo and looks forward to his class every week.Charlotte Wyatt
Gonzo is the best tennis instructor I’ve ever had. He’s a pleasure to work with and learn from. My teenage son has also taken classes and lessons from Gonzo and is equally impressed.Daniel Quinlan
Congrats on your Facebook website. Glad to see your growing strong, wished you never left Longmont.. You are the best of the best. XoJanet Raasch
Gonzo is a wicked good coach & motivator. Great to have you in Boulder!Lane Landrith
Congrats – having two league teams making it to States and playing well!Becky Oleskey Fell
Tennis isn’t fun unless you play it with Gonzo.Finn Mullen (age 4)
I love tennis especially tennis from gonzoJohann Haller (age 12)