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Juniors SMASH Ladder

IWere you a part of our Fall Junior Ladder of Champions last year?  Maybe you missed it.  We’ve got some good news!  The turnout for the ladder last year was bigger than we expected so we have decided to expand and improve it!  Beginning in March we opened registration for the new and improved Junior SMASH Ladder which will begin the first weekend of April.  Have questions?  We’ve got answers!

What is a Ladder?

A tennis ladder is a system where players sort themselves through competition from 1st place to X place (depends of course on how many people participate).  Each player is entitled to challenge any player ranked above him/her.  A win moves that player up a spot.  Simple.  You just keep challenging until you either have nobody left to challenge or you lose and someone else takes your spot (in which case you get back up, brush yourself off, and try again).

Who Can Join?

For now we are only running a Junior Ladder.  That means ages 8 through 18.

When will Matches Occur?

Older age groups will be able to challenge players at any time that is mutually agreeable throughout the week.  Younger players (who rely on parents to take them places) will have a once weekly scheduled match at one of our facilities (Centennial Middle School).

Court and Ball Format:

For 10′s it will be a 9 set match, win by 2, and we’ll be playing with the QuickStart court size and compression balls; for 12′s and above we will play with regular size courts and balls, and it will be win 2 out 3 sets, with 3rd set tie break, first to 10, win by 2.

How to Enroll and Pay?

This year we are running a 9 month Ladder, and registration is monthly.  Simply go to the City of Boulder website to register and pay online HERE!

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