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Gonzo Tennis Boulder SMASH Tennis Team – Spring Warm-Up

Boulder Tennis | Gonzo Tennis | Boulder SMASH Tennis | Spring Warm UpAre you ready for Tennis?  We’ve got you covered!  Join our Boulder SMASH Tennis Team – Spring Warm-Up and we’ll get you ship shape for the season!  It’s springtime (well, in theory anyway), and that means another season of great Gonzo Tennis programs, our Junior competition season, and special Gonzo Tennis events.  Last year’s competitive season saw several of our teams making it to the State Finals, a couple individual champions, and many finalists!  This year we are looking forward to even more.  And that’s why we want you for the Boulder SMASH Tennis Team – Spring Warm-Up.


What is it? The Boulder SMASH Tennis Team – Spring Warm-Up is an opportunity to get team coaching from Gonzo as well as a chance to experience friendly competition before our competitive season actually begins. In addition to weekly coaching we will organize friendly matches with local clubs (such as The Meadows Club and The Boulder Country Club) so that our kids can get competitive experience before the season starts.  We have found that this is the best way for everyone, experienced or new to competition, to gear up for the season. For new players it is important to emphasize that competition is fun and that it’s a growth opportunity. What better way than a friendly match?  That way, when the season begins, our new players will know what to expect and won’t panic.  For experienced players the Boulder SMASH Tennis Team – Spring Warm-Up is perhaps the best way to show what skills need improving and what got rusty during the winter.  It’s a win-win.

Ages: 8 to 17
When: Every Sunday from March 31 to May 19
Times: 2 to 4 pm
Where: Centennial Middle School at 2205 Norwood Ave., Boulder, CO  80304

Matches: Matches will take place at either Centennial Middle School or at the courts of a participating, local club.  These matches are organized by the caches of both teams. Therefore, there is flexibility in scheduling and we can work around any possible conflicts.  Our kids will be playing with kids of the same age and ability.  The format will be Quick Start (The USTA’s new tournament format for all 10 and under players) for those playing within the 8-10 age category, and 12 and up will play with regular court lines and with regular balls.

It’s going to be a great year, and we look forward to seeing you and your kids out on the courts with us!  If you have any further questions please contact Gonzo and his team at or (720) 480-0249.

TO REGISTER: Visit the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation registration website under the Tennis: Gonzo Tennis – Mini/Tiny/Mighty & Boulder SMASH Team – 188318 section.

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