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We’re already gearing up for the upcoming tennis season with our Boulder Smash Team Spring Warm-up.  However, not to worry if you’ve missed the warm up as there is still plenty of time to register your kids for our Boulder Smash, USTA and CARA, Summer Competition teams.   Signups are going on now through the Boulder Parks and Recreation department (click on the above link to be taken to further registration information).  The competitive season starts on May 29th, yet we already have planned a nearly full summer of exciting matches against other clubs and cities. We’ve come a long way in our brief 6 year history.  Here are some relevant facts which may interest you about the Boulder Smash and our success so far:

1. Gonzo started the Boulder Smash in 2006 and still coaches every team personally.

2. Gonzo’s first team, CARA 2006, consisted of just 9 participants.  However, since 2007, 200 kids have participated in one or both of the teams.  This year is shaping up to be the biggest and most successful yet.

3. We are proud to claim, in our short history, 1 state championship team, 20 individual state champions, and 40 state championship finalists.

4. This year, 2012, marks the first year in which the 10 and Under QuickStart format becomes universal operating procedure for all 10 and Under Teams in the country (click link to learn about Quick Start and why it matters).

5. The City of Boulder will be painting the 10 and Under QuickStart lines on 13 city courts in the coming days or weeks (on the first day of good weather, we are told). The courts being painted will be all 8 of the Centennial Middle School Courts and the 5 courts at the East Boulder Recreation facility.

Sign up today to become part of Gonzo’s and the city of Boulder’s Tennis teams’ growing tradition of success.   I will continue to make announcements throughout the month.  Stay tuned!

To Register:  

Here is the schedule:

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