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Boulder Tennis: Helping to Keep us Fitter than the Rest of the Country

If you don’t know by now that the U.S is in the midst of health crisis (namely health complications associated with obesity) you haven’t been paying very close attention. However, if you happen to live in a place like Boulder, Colorado, I forgive your ignorance; we are among the fittest people in the Country. In fact, it’s uncommon to see obese people at all in Boulder. We take fitness seriously around here. We have a city-wide network of running and biking paths, hiking trails, skiing opportunities, climbing, and all manner of other sports. But, in addition to all that (and more) we shouldn’t forget the 62 expertly maintained public tennis courts within the city. Undeniably, the Boulder Tennis facilities are a contributing factor to our healthy lifestyle. Tennis, I admit, is not the first sport that comes to mind when the Rocky Mountains are mentioned. Skiing, Baby!  That’s what I think.  Nevertheless, with clean air and more sunny days than Los Angeles, Boulder is a logical tennis destination.

Health Statistics You Should Know: The Trust for America’s Health 2010 report lists Colorado as the only state still under 20% adult obesity. That might seem like an accomplishment but, if this was 1991 and not 2011, 19.8% adult obesity would make Colorado one of the four fattest states in the country.  But, it happens that Boulder County is still, despite the current state of nation health, in an enviable position. Boulder has a mere 12.5% Adult obesity rate.  Even by 1991 standards that’s a good number (and the city itself has always been a couple percentage points below the county percentage). It is the only metro area in the US (out of 188 surveyed) that falls below the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) 15% obesity rate goal.  The national adult obesity rate, by the way, is 33.8% – exceedingly pathetic.

Play Tennis, Play Something, People!

Fitness is important. If you’re reading this, you either live in Boulder and you’re proud of it, or you’re curious to know what we’re all about.  In a nutshell we’re all about the outdoors and enjoying life. Specifically, we at Gonzo Tennis are interested in enjoying staying active and competitive through tennis.  I’m not writing this article just to get you to come see us and enroll in some tennis classes, although that would be nice!  The point is clear; get outside and enjoy life and nature.  If, perhaps, you read this and long to play tennis, play with us! If not, we still love you – go hop on a bike, lace up some running/hiking footwear, get some skis.  Have fun, Boulder tennis will be here; we’ll see you around.

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