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USTA Junior Development Skill Cards

We like to post the USTA skill cards that come every few months in the USTA Junior membership magazine.   It’s a good idea to save the cards if you have a kid with a Junior USTA membership because they’re great to come back to on a rainy day or to carry with you to use […] read more »

Gonzo Kids

6 Skill Exercises for Building Ball Handling Confidence

The USTA publishes a newspaper every few months (I should probably know how often I receive these things) with a bunch of useful information regarding what’s going on in Junior USTA tennis.  One of my favorite sections of this publication is the part with these handy little skill cards.  They always come in groups of […] read more »

Gonzo Tennis Kids

10 and Under Ball Handling Skills

Here’s one good reason to get your 10 and under player a USTA membership: the skill cards they give out in the Quick Start newsletters!  Every few months the USTA publishes a newsletter for the 10 and Under players and their parents.  It’s full of youth tennis news and helpful advice.  The inserted skill cards […] read more »

Gonzo Tennis | Boulder Tennis | Boulder Smash | Fall Ladder of Champions

Fall Ladder of Champions

Calling All Juniors (ages 10-18)!  Our USTA and CARA seasons have wrapped up, and now we introduce the Fall Ladder of Champions, presented and conducted by Gonzo Garcia and staff!  What is it?  Simply put, it’s a fun and friendly way for Junior players of all levels to compete against each other.  Each ladder (boys […] read more »

Top 10 Items to Always Have in your Tennis bag | Tennis Bags

Top 10 Items to Always Have in your Tennis bag

If you’re heading over to the public courts for a quick rally or match with a buddy then don’t worry about what you bring with you (apart from a racquet and shoes) as there is no consequence for quitting early due to equipment malfunction or injury. However, if you are going into battle, so to […] read more »

Preparing for your First Tennis Lesson:  Things to Bring | Tennis Racquet

Preparing for your First Tennis Lesson: Things to Bring

Anybody who has worn actual tennis shoes while playing tennis knows why they are a must-have clothing item – the must have item. However, if you’ve never played before, you might not know why it’s a bad idea to show up to your first lesson in, say, flip-flops, Crocs, or even running shoes. After all, […] read more »

USTA Junior Team Tennis 2012: Schedules & Match Results

STATE CHAMPIONSHIP SCHEDULES TEAM BPR B10 IA Location: Lone Tree Park (9808 Sunningdale Blvd, Littleton CO 80124) 1st Match: Friday August 10, 9:00 am 2nd Match: Saturday August 11, 8:00 am 3rd Match: Saturday August 11, 11:30 am TEAM BPR B12 IA Location: Colorado Athletic Club – Inverness (374 Inverness Parkway, Englewood CO 80112) 1st […] read more »

Tennis Strings: So Many Choices! | Gonzo Tennis | Racquet Strings | tennis racquet sans strings

Tennis Strings: So Many Choices!

I would love to make this simple for us all, and I will try my best to do just that.  To begin, your racquet was expensive, and you want to get the most out of it.  That means, obviously, that you’ll need nothing but the best in strings.  However, I dare you to find out […] read more »

Fighting the Yips:  Can they be Vanquished?

Fighting the Yips: Can they be Vanquished?

The Yips are what you get in sports when your muscles seem to lose the ability to perform despite possessing mastery in said sport.  The term can be used to describe a simple choke or jitters, but it also describes a more serious condition known mostly to golfers but also to other athletes. The yips […] read more »

Tennis Racquet Weight.  Does it Matter?

Tennis Racquet Weight. Does it Matter?

The answer to this question is yes and no.  Yes, it matters because some racquets are simply too heavy for some peoples’ muscles to handle.  But, it’s more complicated than just the number of ounces printed on the side of the racquet.  In fact, picking a racquet based on how much it weighs is a […] read more »

Waiting for a Court?  Play Dink! | Waiting for Tennis | Tennis Boulder | Time for Tennis

Waiting for a Court? Play Dink!

Dink is a game you can play while waiting for a court to become available.  It is a replacement for boringly,  uselessly staring, longingly from the wrong side of the fence, wishing that you were the lucky bastard actually playing tennis instead of waiting for tennis.  Waiting stinks.  You should play dink instead.  There are […] read more »

Tennis is the Gentleman's Sport – Except When it Isn't | Tennis Sportmanship | Gentleman's Sport | Tennis Club

Tennis is the Gentleman’s Sport – Except When it Isn’t

There are few sports who’s participants are themselves entirely responsible for keeping track of scores and deciding, on their own, the quality of play (are the shots in or out?). Soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, cricket, racing sports, and even boxing have umpires and judges to ensure fair play.  But tennis, at every level […] read more »

Tennis on Vacation | Gonzo Tennis | Play Tennis

Tennis on Vacation

I write “Tennis on Vacation” but I might as well be talking about any activity you like to do and which you don’t want to give up when you travel.  The most popular vacation exercise that people do is obviously running.  That’s easy.  You pack some shoes and, after you are wearing the shoes, move […] read more »

Tennis in the Gym: A Golden Opportunity | Gonzo Tennis | Boulder Tennis | Year Round Tennis

Tennis in the Gym: A Golden Opportunity

Tennis in Boulder Colorado is a year round activity. That fact notwithstanding a lot of people will say, rightfully, “What about the snow and cold?” That’s true, it does snow around here, and that presents some down days for tennis on the rare occasion that the snow accumulates and doesn’t melt in a day or […] read more »

Tennis Footwork: It's more Important that you Think | Footwork | Move your Feet | Happy Feet

Tennis Footwork: It’s more Important than you Think

I‘ve seen it thousands of times. A parent wants to teach his kid to play tennis and all he talks about is how his kid can’t hit the ball. He’ll talk about how the child’s swing isn’t quite right, or he’ll ask for tips about how best to teach topspin, or he wonders just how […] read more »

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