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Yearly Archives: 2012

Gonzo Tennis Kids

10 and Under Ball Handling Skills

Here’s one good reason to get your 10 and under player a USTA membership: the skill cards they give out in the Quick Start newsletters!  Every few months the USTA publishes a newsletter for the 10 and Under players and their parents.  It’s full of youth tennis news and helpful advice.  The inserted skill cards […] read more »

How to Practice on a Ball Machine | Repetition

How to Practice on a Ball Machine

Becoming a good tennis player requires a lot of practice, hitting a lot of balls – obviously.  It would stand to reason, in fact, that the more balls you’re able to hit the better you will get.  Enter the ball machine.  It must be the answer, right?  Well, yes and no.  Unfortunately, if you’re the […] read more »

green tennis ball

5 Rules of Tennis Court Etiquette

There are a few basic guidelines when playing tennis at a busy facility.  Most of these guidelines are common sense and, to anybody who spends any appreciable time playing, they probably seem silly of me to even mention.  However, I think it’s worth listing them as, at the very least, it gives us something to […] read more »

Gonzo Tennis Party Video

Gonzo Tennis Party 2012 – Games

Thank you all for coming to our Tennis Party.  It was great! read more »

Tennis Party - Beat the Pro

Tennis Party – Beat the Pro Game

Here is a game we played at our Tennis Party named “Beat the Pro” sponsored by Zing Nutrition Bar.  Get a point off our pros, Get a tasty nutrition bar!  Thank you, Zing for your support! read more »

Harpo's Hit the Target

Tennis Party – Hit the Target Game

Here is a game we played at our Tennis Party named “Hit the Target” sponsored by Harpo’s Sports Grill.  Hit the target, Get a gift certificate!  Thank you, Harpo’s for your support! read more »

Gonzo Tennis Party 2012

Gonzo Tennis Party 2012

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Gonzo Tennis Party 2012!  Thank you all for your support, we hope you enjoyed yourselves.  We certainly did!  As promised here are the pictures. read more »

How to Sign up to compete in USTA Tournaments | USTA Intermaountain Colorado

How to Sign up to compete in USTA Tournaments

Gonzo Tennis offers several opportunities wherein kids are given the opportunity to compete against other quality players outside of Boulder.  CARA and USTA league tennis are both big draws every year, and now we also offer the Fall Ladder of Champions. I’ll be the first to tell you the importance of competition, and to tell […] read more »

Neil & Nathan at USTA State Championship

USTA State Championship 2012

A few snap shots from the 2012 Boys 12’s USTA State Championship read more »

Gonzo Tennis | Boulder Tennis | Boulder Smash | Fall Ladder of Champions

Fall Ladder of Champions

Calling All Juniors (ages 10-18)!  Our USTA and CARA seasons have wrapped up, and now we introduce the Fall Ladder of Champions, presented and conducted by Gonzo Garcia and staff!  What is it?  Simply put, it’s a fun and friendly way for Junior players of all levels to compete against each other.  Each ladder (boys […] read more »

Bolder Tennis | Gonzo Tennis | Mahima Practicing | Mahima Gurung

Mahima Practicing

Mahima is one of our 10 and under players.  Here she is practicing some forehands and backhands from the baseline.   Her topspin is coming along nicely! read more »

CARA 2012

CARA 2012

Here are a few shots from our CARA 2012.  Enjoy! read more »

Why there is no Coaching Allowed During Matches | Gonzo Tennis | Boulder Tennis

Why there is no Coaching Allowed During Matches

This is obvious, right?   There should be no talking/coaching to players during a match.  Tennis parents can be a little, um, how shall I put this – enthusiastic in their support for their children.  Is that euphemistic enough?  I hope so because I understand how hard it is to sit watching matches where I […] read more »

Gonzo Clinic 16 w Randall

Gonzo Summer Clinics 2012

Some images from our Summer Clinics.  Enjoy! read more »

Top 10 Items to Always Have in your Tennis bag | Tennis Bags

Top 10 Items to Always Have in your Tennis bag

If you’re heading over to the public courts for a quick rally or match with a buddy then don’t worry about what you bring with you (apart from a racquet and shoes) as there is no consequence for quitting early due to equipment malfunction or injury. However, if you are going into battle, so to […] read more »

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