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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Waiting for a Court?  Play Dink! | Waiting for Tennis | Tennis Boulder | Time for Tennis

Waiting for a Court? Play Dink!

Dink is a game you can play while waiting for a court to become available.  It is a replacement for boringly,  uselessly staring, longingly from the wrong side of the fence, wishing that you were the lucky bastard actually playing tennis instead of waiting for tennis.  Waiting stinks.  You should play dink instead.  There are […] read more »

QuickStart Tennis is the Best Way to Learn | QuickStart Tennis | Boulder Tennis | Gonzo Tennis

QuickStart Tennis is the Best Way to Learn

If you haven’t heard of QuickStart and you have a kid who wants to learn to play tennis, listen up.  QuickStart is a program that the USTA is promoting to get more kids involved with tennis.  In an effort to make tennis more enjoyable and to re-energize America’s youth to the sport, the USTA is […] read more »

Tennis is the Gentleman's Sport – Except When it Isn't | Tennis Sportmanship | Gentleman's Sport | Tennis Club

Tennis is the Gentleman’s Sport – Except When it Isn’t

There are few sports who’s participants are themselves entirely responsible for keeping track of scores and deciding, on their own, the quality of play (are the shots in or out?). Soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, cricket, racing sports, and even boxing have umpires and judges to ensure fair play.  But tennis, at every level […] read more »