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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Playing Tennis at Any Age | Gonzo Tennis | The Giving Tree

Playing Tennis at Any Age

Becoming a professional tennis player is a long and arduous journey.  Anybody wanting to go that route needs to start young. However, becoming a pro is not what tennis is all about; there’s more.  In fact, tennis is mostly all about not going pro.  Sure, being a great player is a dream for a lot […] read more »

Tennis on Vacation | Gonzo Tennis | Play Tennis

Tennis on Vacation

I write “Tennis on Vacation” but I might as well be talking about any activity you like to do and which you don’t want to give up when you travel.  The most popular vacation exercise that people do is obviously running.  That’s easy.  You pack some shoes and, after you are wearing the shoes, move […] read more »

Tennis in the Gym: A Golden Opportunity | Gonzo Tennis | Boulder Tennis | Year Round Tennis

Tennis in the Gym: A Golden Opportunity

Tennis in Boulder Colorado is a year round activity. That fact notwithstanding a lot of people will say, rightfully, “What about the snow and cold?” That’s true, it does snow around here, and that presents some down days for tennis on the rare occasion that the snow accumulates and doesn’t melt in a day or […] read more »

Playing Tennis Without a Court | Tennis | Motivation

Playing Tennis Without a Court

Pelé, the greatest soccer player ever (according to many), was so poor as a youth that his parents couldn’t even afford to buy him a ball. What did he do? Since he’s Pelé, and Pelé is awesome, we know he didn’t let poverty get in his way.  Instead of using a real ball he used […] read more »

Tennis Footwork: It's more Important that you Think | Footwork | Move your Feet | Happy Feet

Tennis Footwork: It’s more Important than you Think

I‘ve seen it thousands of times. A parent wants to teach his kid to play tennis and all he talks about is how his kid can’t hit the ball. He’ll talk about how the child’s swing isn’t quite right, or he’ll ask for tips about how best to teach topspin, or he wonders just how […] read more »