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Monthly Archives: September 2011

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Tennis Speed Drill: Collect the Balls!

This drill measures your explosive speed and improves your ability to stop efficiently, not overrunning your target. In other words get from Point A to Point B without wasting effort. The Rules: 1.Place 1 ball at every intersecting point in the back court (6 balls total) 2.Lay your racquet in the middle of the back […] read more »


Adult Class at NBRC

Here are a few pics from one of our adult classes at the North Boulder Rec Center. read more »


Gonzo Tennis Party 2008

Here, some pics from way back then!  Our Tennis Party in 2008! read more »


Mighty Gonzos Class Fall 2006

Do you recognize any of these kids? read more »

Juniros Class Team

Juniors Class & Team 2008

Flash from the past! read more »


Boulder Adults Team 2006

Here is our Women’s Adults Team from 2006. read more »