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Yearly Archives: 2011

Waiting for a Court?  Play Dink! | Waiting for Tennis | Tennis Boulder | Time for Tennis

Waiting for a Court? Play Dink!

Dink is a game you can play while waiting for a court to become available.  It is a replacement for boringly,  uselessly staring, longingly from the wrong side of the fence, wishing that you were the lucky bastard actually playing tennis instead of waiting for tennis.  Waiting stinks.  You should play dink instead.  There are […] read more »

QuickStart Tennis is the Best Way to Learn | QuickStart Tennis | Boulder Tennis | Gonzo Tennis

QuickStart Tennis is the Best Way to Learn

If you haven’t heard of QuickStart and you have a kid who wants to learn to play tennis, listen up.  QuickStart is a program that the USTA is promoting to get more kids involved with tennis.  In an effort to make tennis more enjoyable and to re-energize America’s youth to the sport, the USTA is […] read more »

Tennis is the Gentleman's Sport – Except When it Isn't | Tennis Sportmanship | Gentleman's Sport | Tennis Club

Tennis is the Gentleman’s Sport – Except When it Isn’t

There are few sports who’s participants are themselves entirely responsible for keeping track of scores and deciding, on their own, the quality of play (are the shots in or out?). Soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, rugby, cricket, racing sports, and even boxing have umpires and judges to ensure fair play.  But tennis, at every level […] read more »

Playing Tennis at Any Age | Gonzo Tennis | The Giving Tree

Playing Tennis at Any Age

Becoming a professional tennis player is a long and arduous journey.  Anybody wanting to go that route needs to start young. However, becoming a pro is not what tennis is all about; there’s more.  In fact, tennis is mostly all about not going pro.  Sure, being a great player is a dream for a lot […] read more »

Tennis on Vacation | Gonzo Tennis | Play Tennis

Tennis on Vacation

I write “Tennis on Vacation” but I might as well be talking about any activity you like to do and which you don’t want to give up when you travel.  The most popular vacation exercise that people do is obviously running.  That’s easy.  You pack some shoes and, after you are wearing the shoes, move […] read more »

Tennis in the Gym: A Golden Opportunity | Gonzo Tennis | Boulder Tennis | Year Round Tennis

Tennis in the Gym: A Golden Opportunity

Tennis in Boulder Colorado is a year round activity. That fact notwithstanding a lot of people will say, rightfully, “What about the snow and cold?” That’s true, it does snow around here, and that presents some down days for tennis on the rare occasion that the snow accumulates and doesn’t melt in a day or […] read more »

Playing Tennis Without a Court | Tennis | Motivation

Playing Tennis Without a Court

Pelé, the greatest soccer player ever (according to many), was so poor as a youth that his parents couldn’t even afford to buy him a ball. What did he do? Since he’s Pelé, and Pelé is awesome, we know he didn’t let poverty get in his way.  Instead of using a real ball he used […] read more »

Tennis Footwork: It's more Important that you Think | Footwork | Move your Feet | Happy Feet

Tennis Footwork: It’s more Important than you Think

I‘ve seen it thousands of times. A parent wants to teach his kid to play tennis and all he talks about is how his kid can’t hit the ball. He’ll talk about how the child’s swing isn’t quite right, or he’ll ask for tips about how best to teach topspin, or he wonders just how […] read more »

Boulder Tennis:  Helping to Keep us Fitter than the Rest of the Country | Boulder Tennis | Gonzo Tennis | City of Boulder

Boulder Tennis: Helping to Keep us Fitter than the Rest of the Country

If you don’t know by now that the U.S is in the midst of health crisis (namely health complications associated with obesity) you haven’t been paying very close attention. However, if you happen to live in a place like Boulder, Colorado, I forgive your ignorance; we are among the fittest people in the Country. In […] read more »

A Tennis Thinking Drill: Hit the Gates | Tennis Drills | Gonzo Tennis Academy | Tennis Instruction

A Tennis Thinking Drill: Hit the Gates

Playing tennis effectively means hitting the ball where you want to hit the ball, not simply getting it over the net and just generally, somewhere, on the court.  No, the ball has to go to a place where it is both likely to arrive safely and which presents your opponent with an appropriate level of […] read more »

Learning to Play Tennis:  Watching is Learning | Visual Learning | Learning | Visual

Learning to Play Tennis: Watching is Learning

Have you ever been to a country where soccer is the most popular national sport?  In Mexico, for instance, it’s hard to go 5 minutes without seeing kids kicking a ball around on a field, back lot, dirt road – or, well, anywhere basically that has space enough to kick a soccer ball.  Kids get […] read more »

Tennis Party 2011 | Gonzo Tennis | Gonzo Tennis Academy

Tennis Party 2011

The 8th annual Gonzo Tennis Academy Tennis Party was a smashing success! We thank you all for coming out, and we hope you won lots of prizes and enjoyed the camaraderie of old and new friends. We feel like our academy is building roots, and we consider each of you a member of our extended […] read more »

Gonzo Tennis Party | Gonzo Tennis | Tennis Party | Tennis

Tennis Party This Week! Be There!

Every year the Gonzo Tennis Academy hosts a free party for students, instructors, and members of the Boulder area community. Our Academy has a simple goal: Make quality tennis instruction and programs available to anybody who loves tennis. Thus, this party is equal parts celebration of our hard working students who have built the Gonzo […] read more »


Gonzo Tennis Party 2011

We had a great Gonzo Tennis Party.  Thank you all for coming, we’ll see you again next year. read more »

USTA Membership – Good for you, Good for Tennis | Gonzo Tennis | Gonzo Tennis Tips

USTA Membership – Good for you, Good for Tennis

We get lots of inquiries from adult students and parents of younger students asking if we think a USTA membership is something they should get. Well, it depends on how involved in tennis the student wants to be. The perception among many parents, especially parents, who’s kids are just getting started in tennis is that […] read more »

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